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  1. Use IIS for RestfulAPI Admin Service

  2. SCCM Report - Easy way to create Report & Dashboard  ·  started

  3. Override collection membership evaluation settings/remove collection membership evaluation settings from global data

  4. Package creation empty Data Source (1706)

  5. Windows 10 data usage reporting in SCCM database

  6. Hardware Inventory may collect Performance Data

  7. Migrating data from site to site, update content source location.

  8. Client Data Sources - Report Period

  9. Drill down into the high-level data (Desktop Analytics)

  10. Have an 'All Sites' filter for Client Data Sources

  11. Integrate Configuration Manager Reporting with Power BI or provide OData reporting  ·  completed

  12. Support for custom table synchronization into Data Warehouse  ·  completed

  13. Specify drive to cache data for creating task sequence media  ·  completed

  14. Display Last Logon Timestamp discovery data for ALL devices in console, not just clients

  15. security center (WDATP) data in console Like Endpoint Protection status

  16. Ability to Generate a Software Metering rule from Asset Intelligence Inventoried Software Data

  17. In Monitoring, distribution status, client data sources, need to be able to select the appropriate boundary group

  18. Add PowerShell Cmdlets for Creating, Updating and Removing Custom DDR Information

  19. Application deployment reporting - Report to retain data after re-evaluation of collection(s)

  20. Expose some policy data through the SMS Provider  ·  Noted

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