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  1. Enable CMPivot to use ONLY SSRS compatible data and Create a Generate Report Option

  2. Add field to MDM database to query for Supervised IOS devices  ·  declined

  3. An improved console that merged ADUC, GPMC, and SCCM deployments/queries/collections  ·  Noted

  4. Query Based Branching Task Sequences

  5. Mobile Device Data Usage  ·  declined

  6. cannot access some context menu options from the device list or query - only from collections

  7. Copy Column Headings When Using Ctrl + C

  8. IN CMPivot, cached data from DB should still be listed for systems that report failure due to unsupported PS version

  9. Remove Custom Discovery Data  ·  Noted

  10. Version number in WQL queries should not be treated as string

  11. cmpivot additional options.

  12. Mark easy way to query Driver Versions of all drivers on a system.  ·  Noted

  13. Need Client Data Sources reports that provide more detail than the Client Data Sources Dashboard

  14. client data source (Windows Update)

  15. Have smsdpmon also query the primary for assigned software when performing content validation

  16. Hotfix to address query that is part of stored procedure "spTask_SUM_UpdateStatusSummarizer" which is causing CPU spikes on Primary site

  17. Be able to trigger a CMPivot query from a SSRS and have the results show both Current and history values.

  18. Client Data Sources

  19. Allow using SMS_R_USER and SMS_R_SYSTEM together when making query-based collections.

  20. Add Software Metering information to Data warehouse

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