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  1. SCEP: Have option to choose to scan at risk infectable files versus all files

  2. See if a user is logged in and if computer is active or idle  ·  completed

  3. Console device view should allow search/filter by MAC address  ·  completed

  4. I want XP/server2003 lite support in Configmgr 1511 and above  ·  completed

  5. Support SQL Always On AG Asynchronous-commit  ·  completed

  6. Change SUP synchronization message to secondary site SUP's to either be high priority or not use file based replication

  7. Fix include membership rules so that they properly automatically replicate collection membership changes based on incremental updates

  8. Restore AMT Un-provision Operation or Provide Access to AMT Admin Account Passwords

  9. Application mapping

  10. Offline Deployments

  11. On CAS imported object will be deleted by the registration on Primary Site and a new object will be created on thePrimary.

  12. Real-time installation status per-machine or collection  ·  Noted

  13. Add Schedule column to v_servicewindow

  14. Provide more easily found lists of status codes

  15. Dynamic application and package deployment for prestage media  ·  Noted

  16. Integrate /ResetBase and WIM Optimization/Exporting into Offline Servicing  ·  completed

  17. Transaction support for PowerShell cmdlets  ·  planned

  18. Improvements to SQL AlwaysOn Pre-Requisite detection

  19. Eliminate need for clients at Secondary Sites to ever contact Primary Site's MP

  20. Improve Accuracy of Long Standing Deployment Status in the Console

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