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  1. Management Point Extension

  2. Enable a column for primary device

  3. Support upgrading of Windows Store for Business offline apps without requiring to uninstall  ·  Noted

  4. Align Verbage in Software Metering with verbage on file details  ·  Noted

  5. Make Power BI Reporting Server licensing part of SCCM licensing

  6. Display Collections "Evaluate time left" & "Incremental time left"

  7. Automatic Deployment Rule | Restart System Prior to Software Update Installs based on "Pending Restart" Flag

  8. Have remediation option for Compliance to immediately deploy package and run exe or script from package  ·  Noted

  9. Deployment settings -- Required -- Deploy software ONLY to the user's primary device

  10. Seggregating SQL tables/views for SCCM Application and for Admins  ·  Noted

  11. Allow changing an application's scheduled time and available or required  ·  Noted

  12. The Defender (EP) messages in ConfigMgr should be accessible to a SIEM system

  13. Servicing Telemetry / Version Upgrade

  14. Deploy Application during WinPe phase of Task Sequence

  15. Multiple Primary Site Servers for Migration of Host Operating System  ·  Noted

  16. Allow relay of Active Directory discovery and publishing

  17. OSD - task sequence media - network

  18. SCCM compliance reporting should work on clients that use WUfB

  19. Fix an InsString overflow bug in SMS_StatMsgWithInsStrings / Componet “Task Sequence Engine”.  ·  bug report

  20. Allow Install application and install swupdates steps to run offline  ·  Noted

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