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F8 Troubleshooting Environment Steroids (F8TES)

Replace the OSD Boot Image "Enable CMD Support (testing only)" feature with something that is more robust, helpful, and useful outside of testing like the F8 Troubleshooting Environment Steroids (F8TES).

Info: Display full name of task sequence and its ID
Info: Display full name of TS Deployment and its ID
Info: Display full name and type of error step
Info: Display error code
Info: (Stretch Goal) Display useful error message for top 10 errors

Button: “Open Command Prompt”
- Launches the command prompt
- Defaults to Insert instead of Overwrite (it currently defaults to overwrite in the WinPE phase)

Button: “Open SMSTS.log”
- Launches CMTrace and opens SMSTS.log
- Knows where the current log file is so you don't need to know where it bounces around to
- Includes CMTrace.exe in the task sequence environment so it persists in target OS phase
- Stretch goal: just include CMTrace in the client package so it always gets installed to windows\system32\ during client setup (in OSD and standard client install)

Button: “Show TS Variables”
- Simple out-gridview style view of variable name and value
- Allows filtering of built-in, non-built-in variables
- Hides the built-in variables for storing passwords, other long/garbage-looking variables

Buttons: "Retry Step" & "Skip Step and Continue"
- Stretch goal... Maybe a v2 goal.
- Would it try to download policy again and resume from step with same name?
- Would it check if the content has been updated and redownload if needed?

Feature: When launched, the built-in error message box should stop being modal. Mouse support in RDP to VM scenario is bad... can't move modal box out of the way to see the step name, and don’t want it blocking this UI. Bring modal back up when closing.

Feature: The task sequence reboot countdown should be paused while F8TS is displayed so it doesn’t reboot while troubleshooting.

Feature: Allow setting a password so that it can be lightly controlled (it would be just as insecure as a Network Access Account but better than security-through-obscurity).

Feature: Have the F8 Command line be a Boot Image feature, but have this F8 Troubleshooting Environment Steroids thing be a Task Sequence Deployment feature so it could be more selectively enabled.

Feature: Maybe for version 3: Include the ability to easily integrate and launch DaRT. Needs easy way to integrate into WinPE, target OS.

Feature: Maybe for version 4: Is there a way to enable the Remote Control features on the client during target OS phase so you can remote in without DaRT.

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Nash Pherson (MVP) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Updating status to planned.

We shipped our 1905 Technical Preview today.


This preview contains the first release of the task sequence debugger. We’ll continue working on it to address more of the asks in this item.


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