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  1. Improved automation and extensibility by exposing Configuration Manager functionality through a REST web API

    Exposing Configuration Manager functionality through RESTful web API's would open up a whole new world for interacting with ConfigMgr.
    E.g. a web Admin console and easier integration with Service Management Automation (SMA).
    It should also be easier for 3rd party vendors to create new web based solutions for say an self-service portal or a Windows App for tracking an OS or application deployment on a mobile device or phone.
    Personally I would really like any easier way to interact with ConfigMgr. when running in Windows PE (OS Deployment) or a web portal for non-admins to provision new or existing machine…

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  2. CM Messaging SDK Documentation shouldn't be a .chm help file AND...

    The docs that exist for the CM Messaging (note, the messaging SDK is not a part of the larger CM SDK docs here is currently a .chm Help file, which is lovably nostalgic.

    However it doesn't do justice to the power of the SDK. For instance, Discovery and hardware inventory are barely covered in the SDK docs. I'm troubleshooting an issue now with the Messaging SDK in which a fake CM Client appears with Windows 6.2 NT Workstation, even though it is a fully patched Win10 machine. Weird stuff.

    Anyway, it would be great if the docs were…

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