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  1. Create an SCCM Community Catalog Feature

    Creating SCCM Collection Queries is an art, and like most art, some of us are more suited to stick-figures while others produce beautiful creations worthy of a place in the Louvre, featuring graceful sub-queries, artful tabbing and good code practices.

    When creating a collection, it would be helpful to have an optional 'Community Collection Catalogue' to choose from, which could have a user-voice style 'Most useful' collections list.

    Users could create collections here, possibly even having a community 'wish-list' area for those without skills to request from those who would like to share.

    Contributions in the community catalog could be…

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  2. Quick view devices that require an update from the Software Library

    At the moment there is no quick way to see which particular machines require an update. You can run a report from Monitoring, but that means identifying the update then going back to reports and running the appropriate report.

    You can however see the the number of devices that require an update when looking at that particular update. A simple "More Details" button here would be useful which would show the machines that require the update or are compliant etc, without needing to run a report.

    This applies to both Software Updates and Windows 10 Updates for feature updates.

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