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Add 'Expiration Date' and/or 'Deployment Status' column to Deployments tab for Packages

When looking at the Deployments tab of a package or a collection we would like to add a column that could tell us if a deployment has been expired. This could be the Expiration Date set in the advertisement, or a Status (such as Future / Active / Expired).

In CM07 we could add the Expires After column to the view of Advertisements. This request is to bring back this helpful info into a list of deployments..

This would help make maintenance possible. It is difficult to find the advs that have expired today, to delete them.

Bonus functionality would be to allow this column to be added to Monitoring -> Deployments view as well, and actually add useful functionality to this view so deployments could be managed/deleted right from here since it is the only place to see all of your deployments.

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    What if this were to be a Management Insight :) Come on @Djammmer you owe me this from MMSMOA 2018 I do not want to have to click on every deployment to determine if it is expired or not.

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