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Help me Provide Statistics to Management for Deployments

We need to do better at showing the value of ConfigMgr. Most managers (IMO) do not understand the amount of successful (or unsuccessful) change we can do with ConfigMgr. Some high-level dashboard reports would go a long way to help people understand the power of ConfigMgr.

This could be related to another one I submitted (, but felt it's different enough to have a separate post.

I want to easily provide information to management on things like this:
- Number of installs, per application (in my experience, this is difficult to get, since an app is re-evaluated every week, by default)
- Number of installs, per package/program
- Number of SW updates installed
- Number of OS Deployments
- Number of Compliance Settings checked, failed, enforced

Basically, anything that can be deployed to clients, it would be nice to get rollup summaries in a dashboard that I can show to management. I would like to be able to select the interval, like 'in the last 7 days', or 'in the last 30 days' for example.

All of this should be filter-able by collection, so that I can see stats based on region, OS, architecture, etc.

Help me easily show the value (and impact) of ConfigMgr.

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