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Help me Find Objects that I Can Remove From ConfigMgr

We all have things in ConfigMgr that are no longer used, or seldom used. The admin console should help me find these objects, so that I can clean-up/remove those things that are no longer needed. I'm looking for things like.
- Show me deployments, and their usage on a monthly basis. I'm sure I have optional deployments that are no longer being used - help me find what I can prune.
- Show me packages (including OSD packages), applications, and task sequences that aren't part of an active deployment. Take dependencies into consideration, but help me find those things that I can delete.
- Show me a count of how often content is used on my DPs - this may help me determine where I should and should not have content deployed.

This type of data is priceless for helping me keep my environment clean on a regular basis, as well as when preparing for upgrades, side-by-side migrations, etc.

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  • Matt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    another item - Collections with no Active Deployments. (maybe they have Expired deployments to packages and that's OK)

    This info would be great to see. In the console is the best location, so we can just right-click Delete right on the object, but even if this info was available in a canned report that would be helpful.

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