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Application entries in console should be uniquely identified by more than just name

Currently, applications in the admin console are uniquely identified by the Name field only, forcing the use of custom names for each version of an application.

I propose that an application entry should be uniquely identified by multiple fields (Manufacturer, Name, and Version). This way, I can present the end user with a consistent name for an application without having to constantly revise support documentation.

Example: Adobe Flash Player
I cannot have multiple entries for something called 'Flash Player', so I've been adding some versioning information to the Name field so it becomes unique as I deploy different versions through testing. By having multiple fields combined to identify it as a unique record, I am able to just call it 'Flash Player' in Software Center and let the version field uniquely identify multiple instances.

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  • AdamGrossTX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Totally agree with this. What's the point of having a version attached to an application when you have to add the version (or some other unique text) to the name of the application? I want to have a report where I can group by root application name and give counts per version, but with the way it's configured, each application name has to be unique so I can't make summarize. It's not just an issue with how it gets displayed to the user, it's an overall issue where the name shouldn't be unique.

  • Roth, Chase commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I believe you can do what you want on the end user side, by having the Catalog tab name say just "Flash Player", this is what will show to users in Software Center or App Catalog. It is just in the Admin console that Name is the unique identifying factor. Can't help you with in console, but to the clients I think you are already able.

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