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Provide Mac Provisioning with CM12.

Other vendors provide the ability to image and fully manage the Mac device, when will Configuration Manager provide this feature? Imaging Windows platforms is only part of a corporation desktop landscape, we also support Mac, having a single solution would make logical sense.

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  • Brandon Penglase commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Actually, Macs can PXE boot, but it isn't completely mature at the moment, but I have net/pxe booted a Mac into SCCM's OSD.
    The biggest problem is that Microsoft's DHCP Server doesn't support forcing DHCP options down to a client, it only sends what is requested. The Macs don't request options 66/67, and the Netboot service just forces it down. If you add ISC-DHCP to the mix, to give out supplemental options, you can combine it with iPXE and actually have the Mac netboot into a PXE environment.
    I actually have feedback on the server forum to add the option to be able to send the unrequested options to the client, which would enable this.

  • Justin King commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Complication here is MACs don't support PXE ... they use that completely unique NetBoot. But I agree: it would be awesome to be able to support that.

    Patching is the big one for me: because it's WSUS based the patching in OSX is terrible. Something should be done there.

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