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Pre distribute content to clients before deadline.

I work in a quite big Environment, 30k clients and my network team isn’t that happy when we pull the trigger to update our critical LOB apps due to the fact that every computer downloads the content almost at the same time. That puts a lot of pressure on the network infrastructure.
There for it would be great to be able to preload the clients with content for applications in a slow and steady way before the deadline falls for the application.

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  • Greg DeGuire commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This has been possible for years.. (note there is a known issue with this occurring in a TS, but you can get it to work)

    What you need to do is send a mandatory time in the future and suppress the notifications, and the ability for the user to on their own. When the client checks in next, it will see that it has osmething to run in the future and will download the source files ahead of time. Then, at the time you want/need it to run (say to correspond with a database/server change, for example), then just change the future mandatory date to whenever you want them to run. This will cause the install to occur from the pre-cached source at the time specified or, if the change in mandatory date took place over the weekend and the machine was offline, it runs as soon as the date change is picked up since, presumably, its now changed to a time in the past.

    Works with Applications too but youll need to throw a step in there to run something like cmd.exe /c right away, and then another step for the actual install.

    Again, beware of the TS bug that is going to be fixed in 1610...

    Test it out.. good luck.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be nice to have content start to be downloaded as soon as the deployment is made available that way at the deadline time the installs all happen at the same time. We are struggling with communication to our end users when we state the deadline is 7pm and what happens is the client starts downloading at 7 with fairly low bits settings and really installs at 8pm

  • Jonas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be great to have a third time value for the time when the content start to download in the deployment. Like "Deployment Starttime", "Deployment Deadline" and "Deployment Download Time"

    It would also be great, if the Content in the Client Cache would be stored with the Content GUID.
    That woul help for Troubleshooting, easy Access the Cache, and if you deploy the Software twice the Content would be downloaded twice. We saw this behavior by deploying the Software as "hidden" with a Deadline in the future, hust to prestage the Content on the Client. Than have a second deployment of the same application to install the application at a specific time.

    That would also help to prevent bad user experience. E.g when you deploy a Software with several GB of Content and de deployment arrives at the Client, the user will klick install immediately and than have to wait for the Content to be doanloaded. That could take some time if the users device is conneted via VPN or a slow Network.

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