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Include orchestration of software updates especially for tiered solutions

Today it's only possible to orchestrate software updating based on a membership in collections.
This is however rarely enough for more complex setups where you might have back-, middle-, and front tiers in your setup.

Therefore I recommend adding a dependency system between computer objects, so that you can orchestrate at least the following:
1) Which tier of servers are patched first, second and third etc.
2) Reboot order between the different tiers which includes an accept of one tier being fully patched and rebooted before the next tier is begun updating.
3) Ability to choose between warning or rollback if a single server fails updating - however this should be possible to decide based on each tier. (you often care more that a database server is identical than a webfrontend).

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  • René Kierstein commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The plan for supporting cluster aware patching could be extended with some more logic, so updating tiered solutions could be managed in a nice way.

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