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DSC to replace or compliment basline feature

DSC is a wonderful framework for handling baseline configurations across Windows and Linux machines, but it's completely unsupported in SCCM directly. While a Pull server is certainly more simplistic than an SCCM hierarchy, it would still be very beneficial to have some integration in a couple of areas:

Management Points can easily be configured to host mof configurations for clients, and a new client policy class for allowing the SCCM agent to configure the pull server settings on a host would be great. Alternatively a new role could be made ... not sure that would feel as elegant.

The baseline section could contain DSC configuration files or items for a more open/standard baseline control. THe current baseline scripts feel so dry it would be great to see it replaced with a standard DSC formatting.

The certificates store under administration can hold public keys for password encryption for MOF files when generated.

Distribution Points could house modules for said Pull server calls. Want to get clever? Blend in some chocolatey goodness and allow us to create ADRs for pulling the latest versions down on an interval.

Reports! Yes, the reporting module in DSC is dry ... and how great would it be to have some canned DSC reports for easy at a glance compliance settings.

Needs for confiuration are changing ... some great work is being done to make declarative configurations happen ... but SCCM still uses simple and clunky scripts for baselines. Lets standardize on power-shell already.

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