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Device Supersede

Copy associated device collections of one device to another.

I'll explain

Computer A is old and needs to be replaced. It is slated to be replaced with Computer B.

Currently at this point I need to manually remove Computer A from all the Device collections manually. And then Manually add Computer B to those same collections.

It would be lovely if I could supersede a device. So right click on device , and have option to supersede. Then dialogue box pops up and asks for a device. Much like the current "Add Resource" search box.

Then Computer A is removed from all of its manual collections and Computer B is added to those collection. As an SCCM Admin for approximately 6000 devices a lot of my time is dedicated to moving devices around as they're replaced. Being able to do this for all its collections in one shot would be awesome.

Query collections you say. Sure why not, but you'll find licensed software gets out of control pretty fast that way. So, It against policy at least with our Enterprise 20000 PC's to use query collections on licensed software.

Or user collections. Same thing. User's log into more than one device all of sudden you have Adobe Acrobat on 500 devices it is not supposed to be on.

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