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Console - Add Application Name to Application Properties in Summary Tab

Add the Application Name to the Summary Tab under Application Properties so you can easily copy & paste the name.

If you could actually do this in all areas of the Console, anything you have open, having the Name of the object in the Summary Properties so you can copy & paste out is nifty.

NOTE: ConfigMgr Dev Team at MMSMOA Cabin Session did this for Packages, so hopefully that hits an up coming release, but I'd like to see this in all areas:
Collections: DONE
Task Sequences: DONE
Global Conditions: Not Done
Drivers: DONE
Driver Packages: Not Done
Operating System Images: Not Done
Operating System Upgrade Packages: Not Done
Boot Images: Not Done
CI's: Not Done
Baselines: Not Done

Anywhere there is a name of an object you click on, and there is a summary properties area, I want the name so I can copy paste.

Package ID should also always be in that list (when there is one)

Thank you

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