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Windows Monitor DPI Scaling aka Zoom


In Windows 10 (and I think since Windows 8), there's a new DPI Scaling method used. Now, we have the "zoom" option in the Display settings. The default scaling is based on a Microsoft calculation of the DPI, screen size and other mecanism.

This setting is per user and currently, there's no way to set a default value. For exemple, I got HP ProBook 650 which default to 125% zoom, resulting in less then 1080 actual resolution. I want all my computer to have a zoom of 100%.

I found the value that need to be change is under:

HKLM\Control Panel\Desktop\PerMonitorSettings\<SSID_GUID_MONITOR>

value: DpiValue

But, there's a problem. The <SSID_GUID_MONITOR> is actually something generated from the Kernel. There's currently no way to build this string and it's created only when someone change the default DPI. Because of that, right now, there's no way to change it for all users without logging in first.

Also, the value for DpiValue key change depending on what the default is. A value of 0 mean default, which can be anything from 50% to 200%. If the default value is 150%, then you need to put -50%, which is "4294967294" as a value.

We need a way to be able to set a default DPI during a TaskSequence.

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