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Migrate approval requests between applications

Problem: When an application has "require approval" enabled we get a long list of users or devices where this application is approved for. But when I add a new application and delete the old, I loose all approvals! And the users need to request again.

This is a problem in multiple cases:
1) Example 1: We have an application in version 1.0.1 that and get a new version 1.0.2 I want to make a new application and test this. When it is tested I want to turn on "superceede" and then remove the old application. The license is still valid for all that got the previous version approved, so these users should not need to request a new approval. And new users should request the new version from Software Center

2) Example 2: We have a software in a major version and get a new version in a newer major version. For instance we may have Visio 2016 and then we want to use Visio 2019. Again I want to create a new application, test this, and then when it is tested automate upgrade. We have enterprise license so all users that are approved for 2016 version are allowed to use 2019. No need for new approval.

If it is difficult to add the feature in the console itself, a powershell script would be OK.


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