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Office 365 Proofing Tools language Selection

Office 365 Proofing Tools language Selection:

In SCCM, we cannot select the Office 365 Proofing Tools Languages along with the Office 365 Client Update. But, if we choose the Office 365 languages then the respective Office 365 Proofing tools language will be selected.

Office 365 language size will have ~400-500MB and the Proofing tools language size will have 30-150MB. So, if we select ONE language, then it will be around ~450-650MB. Here most of the users will not have Office 365 language Pack, but they will use Office 365 Proofing Tools languages for Grammer, Spell check, etc.

As per the current configuration, if we need to choose 10+ Proofing Tools languages for global support, then the size of the updates will be increased, and the respective Office 365 language pack files(400-500MB) will not be in use.

So, it would be better if Microsoft places an separate option in SCCM to select the Proofing tool languages as like Office 365 languages, where we can ignore the Office 365 language pack files there. Here, we will get more space as we are not including the language pack files(~400-500MB) there.

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  • Dan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I strongly second this idea. Adding an additional "proofing tools" wizard to select proofing tools instead of just the full blown language packs is really needed in business.
    I have had local IT install non-supported language packs and because of this the monthly Office updates do not install because the language pack is not included in the updates package. Installing and adding the proofing tools would help a lot in these cases and save on the updates file sizes!

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