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Maintenance Windows using the option to fire on the last given day of a month (last monday, last friday, etc) are incorrectly scheduled

Collection Properties > Maintenance Windows
Create a new maintenance window.
Set the maintenance window for Monthly, Recur every: The last day; where the day is the first day (not DATE) of the following month.
Ie, Feb 1, 2019 is a Friday, so schedule for the last Friday of the month with an effective date of 1/1/2019
Turn on the UTC option and set the start and end time to 1:01 AM-3AM. Make sure your client is in UTC-X where X is large enough to cause the start time to be on the previous day. My client was in Central time (UTC-6). I set the window to 1:01AM to make it easier to spot in the logs
Save the maintenance window and update policy on the client.


For the last Friday of the month when this is scheduled to run in January , the maintenance window will be scheduled for 1/31/2018 at 7:01PM, which is clearly not the last friday.

This will happen in February if you schedule the last Friday. March is affected if you change the schedule to be the last Monday. If you use other last days in these months (ie, last Friday for March, or last Thursday in January and February), it ends ups scheduling it correctly.

Is anyone else affected by this?

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