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Pre-Download option on Task Sequence with <Download Package Content>: Adhere to conditions defined on the individual TS step(s).

Instead of pre-downloading all package content when pre-downloading a TS with multiple <Download Package Content> steps, make sure the client only pre-downloads the content if the condition set on the individual TS step is evaluated to be <true>.
E.g. If Model X, I do not want to (pre-) download drivers for model Y, as this step would be skipped later-on anyway, when actually running the Upgrade TS.

PS. This extra "intelligence" would also be helpful on nested TS steps. Now the pre-download setting downloads all referenced content - for all <Download Package Content> steps - from the main TS itself, but also any <Download Package Content> steps from all Child TS's (even though there is a condition on the <Run Child TS> step which would be evaluated as <false>)

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Updating status to Noted.

Our 1904 Techincla preview added pre-cache (pre-download) support for OS Images and Driver Packages. SWD Packages are coming soon.


The pre-cache intelligence is in ExecMgr and works off the package properties (language, architecture, driver model).

Reading your ask I think the pre-cache improvements address your ask. I’ll merge your idea with this item

If that doesn’t address your ask, let me know. Thanks


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