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Speed up SCCM CB servicing Update (for small SCCM CB hotfixes)

Hi, I don´t know why a small Hotfix, for example the PXE Bug in SCCM CB 1806 (KB4471892), which only change the sccmpxe.exe file, need a complete SCCM CB update cycle.
We manage 120.000 clients in a SCCM hierarchy (1 CAS / 3 PRI / 15MPs / 6SUPs / 350 DPs / 3 CMGs / 6 CloudDPs /... ). A SCCM CB Update + UpdateRollup is just possible on a update weekend. When we need also a hotfix on top, we run out of time.
The Update Step "INFO: Executing spDRSRegenerateAllDrsSprocsAndFuncs" takes up to 3 hours on each CAS/Pri Site + waiting until the DB Replication is back again (Site Readiness check cycle) + SiteComp Update MP/SUP/DP cycle ,.... takes a while for each update.
It would be fine to speed it up and little hotfixes would be treated separately.

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  • Jared Churchman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed - it taxes envionments with a hierarchy to loop through fixes after the upgrade. With a large portion of customers on N-1, it would be helpful to have everything rolled up in the base release.

  • Kelly Walsingham commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And if a hotfix becomes available why not just add it to the core install, so its cumulative so if you havent gotten to the upgrade yet, you dont have to do core and 3 hotfixes.

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