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Improve "Invoke-CMContentRedistribution" Method

If you hit the "Redistribute" Button in the console, or trigger a content redistribution over Powershell/WMI, this method will always copy over all content of a package to the Distribution Point.
However, it would make sense to only copy the data that is needed.
Example 1: Your package contains hundreds of files. One file has a “hash mismatch” error, so the package gets into the failed state. The only way to fix this issue is to “Redistribute” or use Invoke-CMContentRedistribution. This will copy over everything instead of the single file that is corrupt.
Example 2: A distribution is offline for a while (e.g. Site link down). The packages that got distributed in that time go to failed, because the DP was unreachable. To fix that you need to “Redistribute” the packages.
It would be great if Invoke-CMContentRedistribution would only copy over the files that are actually needed, like it is done when you distribute a package the first time.
If you want to force the copy of the whole package, there could be something like Invoke-CMContentRedistribution -Full

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