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Automate creation of Office 365 Application for new versions

Go 1 step further with the new Office Customisation Service shown a Ignite. Currently the service allows admins to create a new application installer for x version of Office. Automate this!

A common annoyance currently is that we have Office 365 packaged as an application in ConfigMgr. This application is apart of a Task Sequence to install Windows 10. At time of creation, the Office application is up to date. However, once the latest version of Office is released, this will result in the machine installing the old version during the TS, and then installing updates post build via whatever method is configured.

Now to resolve this, an admin needs to go and recreate the entire Office application with the latest version, albeit that's now a lot easier for 365 with the new service.

If the new service could simply create a template of the settings we configure the first time we create the Office application, with the setting of "Latest version" as opposed to an exact, then this could be automated (much like an ADR), to automatically do all the leg work of the new app creation. Thus saving precious mouse clicks.

^ That seems like it should be fairly simple? :)

To go one step further, if you could then find a way to have that application automatically update task sequence references, well then that would be grand!

Rich Mawdsley

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