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Citrix layered non persistent vdi client support

We have been testing the new Citrix App Layering on non-persistent VDI machines. Basically a layered VDI. So the OS is in one layer and then each application could be in a layer and then the user has their own layer. Everytime a person logs out they release the VM and when they log in they get a different one with all their layers added.
What we have seen is that this throws the CM Client completely out of whack. To the point that on one machine SCCM had one SMSGUID, WMI on the machine had a different SMSGUID, and the client logs backed up a completely different SMSGUID to the "Citrix Identity". We saw clients duplicating IDs after users switch and when we tried to trigger a new GUID it would restore a bad guid from the "Citrix Identity Store". We tried a number of things and reached out to a couple of MSFT contact who recommended submitting a uservoice.

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  • hiway65n commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    After a case this was the workaround/resolution. Would be nice to see the client be able to recognize an app layer scenario and not create the "backup" file in the Citrix profile.

    For each user VM
    In the SCCM Console:
    1. delete the Computer object for this VM
    On the VM:
    2. net stop CCMexec
    3. Del %windir%\smscfg.ini
    4. delete SMS certificates
    5. open disk manager,
    6. Locate the hidden partition "c:\program files\Citrix\pvsvm\Service\PersistedData" and take control of that partition,
    7. Mount it to a drive letter
    8. On that drive, locate the folder named CCMData with a file called ccmdata.bak.
    9. Delete this file
    10. Reboot the VM

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