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I have a suggestion for the SMSSLP parameter and registry key.

I was investigating the registry Key SMSSLP under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CCM.

Most of my computers have a decommissioned Management Point in this Key. As far as I can tell this won’t have any effect. But this is confusing when troubleshooting client problems.

After some experiments these are my conclusions:
• The key is filled in when you use SMSMP=… as parameter for ccmsetup.exe.
• The key is read when you start ccmsetup.exe and then added to the command line as SMSSLP=…
• You can only change the key by adding SMSSLP=… yourself to the command line. (Or edit the registry of course.)

SMSSLP is no longer documented under

Maybe this information can be added to the documentation.

A better solution would be to get rid of the key completely, when it no longer has a function. Or change it when SMSMP is added as a parameter.

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