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Make it easier to find Management POint log files

First the earth cooled, then SMS was developed.

Interestingly, the Management Point role uses some aspects of the ConfigMgr client to handle client communications, and thus stores some of the log files related to Management Point stuff (like MP_Registration.log!) in the ConfigMgr client folder.

This leads to countless forum posts like

Helpless dude: 'Clients won't register',
MyItForum: 'OK check MP Registration.log'
Helpless: 'I don't have that log!?'
MyItForum: 'OMG it's over here in this totally unrelated path'

It doesn't have to be this way.

What if we :

A.) If a management point is also a configMgr site server, just stuff our logs in there with everything else

B.) If we don't want to do A.), then add a shortcut to the MP logs folder in with the rest of the CM folder

Oh yeah, let's make it easier than a weirdly formatted regkey to set debug/verbose logging too.

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