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Unable to import state message from 'co-management' enabled client

nable to import status message when following condition.
 ・Clients with co-management enabled
 ・If the state message(.SMX) contains Japanese

◆Error Log
SQL MESSAGE: spProcessStateReport - Error: Message processing encountered a SQL error 241 at record 53 for TopicType 810:
" Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.", Line 0 in procedure ""

◆state message(.SMX)
-<StateMessage SerialNumber="593" MessageTime="20180427063011.557000+000">
<Topic UserSID="" User="" IDType="0" Type="810" ID="CoManagementState"/>
<State ID="105" Criticality="0"/>
-<StateDetails Type="1">
-<![CDATA[<ClientCoManagementMessage><MDMEnrollment><Enrolled Value="0" /><ServiceUri Value="" /><RegistrationKind Value="0" />
<ScheduledEnrollTime Value="04/27/2018 06:30:11 午前" /><ErrorCode Value="2147549183" />
<ErrorDetail Value="MDM enrollment hasn't been configured yet on AAD, or the enrollment url isn't expected." />
</MDMEnrollment><CoMgmtPolicy><Enabled Value="1" /><PolicyReceived Value="1" />
<WorkloadFlags Value="1" /></CoMgmtPolicy></ClientCoManagementMessage>]]>
<UserParameters Count="0" Flags="0"/>

◆Possible causes
Cannot be imported if it contains two-byte character data

Could you fix this behavior?

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