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DCR : Change "Pre-download content for Task Sequence" description in GUI

This is a DCR request to update the Desploy TS wizard. The option to "Pre-Download content for this task sequence" is by itself misleading. Technicians attempting to deploy a TS, select the option "Pre-Download content for this task sequence" believing all content will be downloaded. Leveraging this option with a Software TS or without an upgrade package, often results in unexpected errors.

By design this features currently only applies to the OS upgrade package and related drivers. The only place this is mentioned in the CONFIGMGR console is when the feature is enabled.
"Pre-cache content on client for available deployment for OS Upgrade task sequences with conditional steps. "

Could we get the checkbox in the deployment wizard and properties relabeled as
"Pre-Download content for OS Upgrade Packages included in this task sequence"

Down the road as this feature is expanded, the description can be revised.

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David Clark shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Updating status to Noted. Thanks for the feedback.

The Pre-download content for this task sequence applies to all statically referenced packages OS Images, SWD, Driver Packages, OS Upgrade Packages. If pre-download is set and the task sequence references 1 OS Image, 20 Driver Packages then all 21 will pre-download to cache. Only the OS Upgrade package uses the pre-download logic – match for Language and Architecture.

We’ll likely add a ‘Learn more’ FWDLink to something like rather than change the string. As we add more objects to use Pre-download conditions then we can keep the link updated.


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