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FIX: Distribution Point Usage Summary Report is Empty

This report has no data:

Home > ConfigMgr_PS1 > Software Distribution - Content > Distribution point usage summary

Reason is the SMS_Distribution_Point_Monitoring component selects the last alphabetically stored and '*' separated MP name from registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\DP - ManagementPoints. This happens to be a management point in our untrusted DMZ forest and our production forest distribution points can not access this DMZ forest management point on port 443 due to firewall rules.

When we rearrange the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\DP - ManagementPoints value so it will reference a production forest management point as the last '*' separated entry, the distribution point usage summary report can be uploaded and we see data in the 'Distribution point usage summary' native report.

Can Microsoft populate the 'ManagementPoints' registry value in such a way to ensure the sorting order is always referencing a management point in the same domain or forest as the distribution point rather than always selecting the last entry from an alphabetically sorted management point’s server name list?

Or, alternatively, can the SMS_Distribution_Point_Monitoring components move to the next management point referenced in the 'ManagementPoints' registry value?

More information:
You can manually force sending distribution point usage summary by running ".\bin\X64\smsdpusage.exe" (or ".\SMS_DP$\sms\bin\smsdpusage.exe") on the command line. In the smsdpusage.log we see:

CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: WinHttpOpenRequest - URL: SDMZ00001.dmz.root:443 CCM_POST /ccm_system_AltAuth/request
In SSL, but with no client cert
Error. Received 0x80072efd from WinHttpSendRequest.
socket 'connect' failed; 8007274d
Will retry in 5 second(s)

After 5 retries, the SMS_Distribution_Point_Monitoring component gives up.

When we change the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\DP - ManagementPoints value to ensure the last string value is a production forest management point and run smsdpusage.exe again, sending the report summary succeeds and the 'Distribution point usage summary' report shows data.

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