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better driver and driver pack updates

Consider this scenario: you have 2 hardware models (eg. Lenovo X1 Yoga and Lenovo X1 Carbon); you download the SCCM driver pack for both models and import them into SCCM.
When you import a driver pack you add a category to identify the model that belongs to.
After you complete the import process for both driver packs you recognize that some drivers are in use by both models.
So at the end you will have:
- drivers used by model A only
- drivers used by model B only
- drivers used by both model A and B

The main problem here is that SCCM allows you to import drivers of both driver packs but duplicated drivers are imported only once in DB; so, if you started to import driver pack of model "A" and then those of model "B", drivers used by both models will refer to the folder of driver pack of model "A", because them are imported for first.

Now the manufacturer has released a new driver pack for model "A" and you want to upgrade only these drivers. How can you achive this purpose without affecting drivers of model "B" shared by both models?

Actually, you have to:
- identify drivers used by both models
- remove the category of model "A"
- modify the source path to reflect the path of model "B"

A better and faster solution would be welcome.

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  • Richard Lefaive commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Better suggestion \ idea:

    - Include Windows update ( to internet) command line switch options for :
    A) drivers only
    B) Patches only
    C) AV def's only
    D) each combo variation of the above, including ALL.

    - Include SCCM built in OSD and App TS options for executing a windows update action, with any of these options.

    - The "Drivers only" option would then be able to be executed and provision JUST the latest drivers your machine needs during any OSD or OS upgrade task sequence.

    - This would leave you NEVER having to manage any drivers other than the root \ core ; NIC and storage drivers DISM'd into your master boot images which are required for basic OSD to function. ALl other hardware drivers would be provisioned over the internet , just in time.

    - Bonus points to MS for including the option to run this WUA function ( drivers only ) as part of an SCCM PATH MANAGMENT driven OS upgrade ( e.g. including support for a post WIN10 upgrade windows update with ta "driver only" switch in the WIN10 Setup.exe) !

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