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Suggested update to Deployment Wizard

As was indicated in the post to allow required application deployments to be uninstalled, it is often desirable to make a deployment required in order to eliminate the need for user intervention without wishing that deployment to be enforced. The current model interferes with management processes (particularly SAM) by not allowing software deployed as required to be removed, which creates a scenario where someone has to compromise their goals and can be a problem between teams in an organization.

The suggestion is to update the deployment wizard to allow for radio buttons of Attended (formerly Available), Unattended (formerly Required), and an additional checkbox option for Unattended named Enforced (which would be Required AND enforced on the machine, which is how Required currently works). A fantasy screenshot is attached. Then the deployment policy can contain a flag indicating if the deployment is...

- Attended (User goes to Software Center to initiate installation, like current Available)
- Unattended (Installation is automatic, but not enforced. New behavior)
- Unattended and Enforced (Installation is automatic and Enforced, like currently happens with Required).

The last piece would be to update the Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle on the client to enforce only if the flag corresponding to the Enforce checkbox is selected.

This would allow more flexibility to admins, and it would allow for automatic installation of software without demanding enforcement, enabling SAM processes to allow for targeting software removal on machines without starting a war between the SAM folks and the Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle.

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