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SCCM CB recovery Options for Hierarchy if a single PS fails

beginning with SCCM CB (Console servicing model), there are 2 Options if a single PS failed during a hierarchy update (e.g. from SCCM 1702 to 1710) if the CAS is already on a newer version:
1: Recover the whole hierarchy to a previous version
2: Setup/Reinstall the failed PS as new Child Site
Option 1 is, if you have an infrastructure with more then 2 Sites (and CAS), not really an option to consider about. Option 2 forces you to setup all prior installed and configured Site Systems again (DP/Client etc.)

Possible options for implementation of a single PS “recovery/upgrade” in a hierarchy environment:
1: Provide an option outside the Console to set the affected side into a “maintenance Mode” and upgrade it with an offline routine (CDLatest etc.)
2: Specify a Site to be manually upgraded inside CAS Console and provide a possibility to achieve this

Reason behind:
We had a problem with 1 PS in a hierarchy (1x CAS, 3x PS) that forced us to reinstall a whole Site that was affected by an error during the upgrade process.
Thanks in advance for any kind of Feedback and Support.

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