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Check referenced packages of child task sequence on Run Task Sequence step

The addition of run task sequence step is great. I see many useful ways of using this feature. However i would like to have the possibility to control if the parent task sequence checks the referenced packages in the child task sequence.

I would like to see a tick box on the Run Task Sequence step called something similar:
Check refences packages in child task sequnce.

It could be ticked as default.

Here is an example how this could be used:
My idea is to have country specific applications and roles that currently exist in MDT in separate task sequences instead. The problem with using this is how the current "Run task sequence step" works is that i would need to have all packages referenced by all child task sequences on all DPs.

Since i would have some kind of option on the Run Task sequence step it would only run when a role or language is selected in for examle UDI wizard. The content would only be needed in corresponding country DP and not on all DPs. This would help me replace MDT with something easier to maintain.

Also bonus features if you choose to use TS as roles to replace MDT:
- You could run steps before and after applications install in a role
- You can run the roles after a machine is deployed

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