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Improve Content Replication

Content Replication from Site to DPs should be a frustration free Process or SCCM Admins. Unfortunately, I know no customer without smaller or bigger issues in this area.
Here is an uncomplete list of some issues I´ve noticed:
• Content Eval - Scheduled Task lost
o SCCM does not check if the schedule task got lost/deleted
o Suggested Solution: SCCM should verify the Scheduled Task on Service Startup
• Content Eval - Hash mismatch/Eval fails for package
o When content Eval fails for a package, the admin must manually redistribute it / take care of the error
o There should be an option in SCCM to automatically fix packages where Content Eval fails
• Content Eval - Immediately validate content after distribution
o When an invalid package gets send to a DP, it can happen that it goes into the state "Successfully distributed content"
o However, to content is invalid. If you run a content validation immediately will go to "Could not validate…"
o Makes troubleshooting much harder, as you must verify every package before it is "really" OK
o Suggested Solution: Immediately validate content after distribution
• Content Eval - Failed to retrieve the package list on the DP
o If DP has this error, it never gets fixed automatically
o If WMI Entry is missing and .INI file is there, smsdpmon.log does not tell which package is affected
o Content Eval Task does just use package list in local WMI (SMS_PackagesInContLib), but it should verify all packages assigned to it.
o WMI/INI fix script (eg: here, but many scripts like this exist on the internet) can fix the error, but will cause other issues.
o Suggested Solution: When Content Eval runs, the DP should download a list of Packages to verify (PkgServers Table?)

• Waiting for Content - Content did not arrive from CAS
o Content available (and verified) on Primaries - however some Secondary Sites have the status "Waiting for Content from CAS”
o Workaround: Reset Status in DB for Primary and Secondary and Redistribute
• DP and Pull DP - Handle Empty Packages
o SCCM DPs cannot handle Packages without content
o Scenario 1: Deployment Packages get empty automatically, because Updates expire
o Scenario 2: Create Package with content and deploy to DPs – Remove “this package has source files” checkbox
o Content Validation on DP will fail - DP will go to warning state
o Workaround: Detect and remove empty packages
o Suggested Solution1: DPs should be able to handle empty packages
o Suggested Solution2: SCCM should detect empty packages and remove them from all DPs
• DP and Pull DP - Redistribute does not fix .INI file issues
o If Content of INI file in PkgLib is invalid, a redistribute does not fix it
o Suggested Solution: Always rewrite INI File on redistribution

• Database - PkgServers, ContentDPMap and PkgStatus not in Sync
o Content is distributed and verified successfully to DPs
o Content is not written correctly to ContentDPMap Table (can happen if status message gets lost)
o PullDPs and Clients can´t download the Package
o Workaround: Redistribute affected Package
o Suggested Solution: If Content is OK on a DP, the ContentDPMap+PkgStatus should reflect this => When Package is successfully validated on a DP, all needed Tables should get checked/updated

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  • Tanoj Mahishkar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Reg Content Validation : Content Validation should work Parallel and must not stop content sync when its validating content, as it does currently, this will help to execute content validation right after the package sync completes and goes to success state ....

  • Pavel Yurenev commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Well, every problem deserves separate case :)
    But I cannot disagree that all these issues are pain for almost every ConfigMgr Admin.

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