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Add 2 new options for MDT, define and use Deployment toolkit

MDT Define Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Package
Use Defined Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

So you can define then just use the defined MDT Toolkit. This would make it easier when you have multiple Use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Package, in the TS. This way they wouldn't all have to be edited. So after you make a change/update your UDI for whatever reason usually applications upgrades.

This would same a major amount of time also ensure you don't miss one, and less time editing and testing.

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Damon shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hi. This reads like something that would be addressed with the ‘Daisy chain task sequences’

With that you can updating a single referenced/child task sequence containing the MDT Package and any ‘parent’ task sequence will get that update too.

Let me know if that matches your ask and I’ll merge your votes with that item.


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