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ADR property filter extend "date released or revised" with custom

We create "year packages" for several products so older updates are in a "static software upgrade". But we still have to maintain these SUG periodically to remove superseeded updates.
An example:
I'd like to have an ADR which selects all updates from 2015 for all my server OS'es and checks this every month or quarter so expired updates are automatically removed and reinstated updates are added again.

In addition, I want my current ADR to select all updates from 1st of Januar till now. This is not possible at the moment because all moments are relative.

Why(?) this seems strange since the option "add to existing Software update group" the SUG cleans before adding the selected updates. This makes the "adding" variant obsolete, isn't it?

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Mike Bijl shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Andrew Fogg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would also be good to be able to include updates released more than x weeks/days/months ago (e.g only include updates release more than 2 weeks ago).

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also very much want to be abyle to set a custom date for the "date released or revised" filter.

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