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SCCM 1702 - OSD issue on Lenovo x270 - OSD Task Sequence Error 0x80091007 - Hash could not be matched for the downloded content.

we are doing a windows 10 upgrade project. It goes well but we have an issue with 3 Lenovo X270 laptops.

These machines could not get OS image during OSD process. The strange is that they could not get any image from sccm because the osdapplyos.exe hash checker said the hash is incorrect...

We tried almost everything:
- redeploying image to DP (only 3 laptops affected, others could be installed properly)
- running hw diag (all affected laptops are healthy according to lenovo and 3party hw diag apps
- installing on other switch, other port, other cable, on dock station or without it
- manually we could install any kind of OS to these computers (Windows 10, Windows 7, mint, ubuntu, suse, etc)
- applying image manually during task sequence (get a prompt, type dism apply-image, etc.) Unfortunately the dismed OS could start but the task sequence totally failed finally
- I think we wipe out any information related with these laptops from sccm db, but it didn't solve the issue
- the latest sccm hotfix could not be installed because there is a change freeze on sccm environment during w10 upgrade project.
- using certutil to create md5 hash from the original and the downloaded content. They were equals always. It happened with W7 and W10 images too but only on these affected laptops.

Do you know any solution for these machines?

All the best,

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  • NICHELE Pierre commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Same problem with Lenovo MIIX 320. It could be interesting to specify to continue even if hash mismatch for osdapplyos.exe

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