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User initiated uninstall of required deployments

For troubleshooting it is often necessary to uninstall/reinstall an application. For an available deployment the user can do this themselves, but for required deployments an admin must assist which is not very efficient.

If a required deployment can have a flag for "Allow user to temporarily uninstall" and this then makes the Uninstall method available to the user in software center, the user can easily remove and reinstall the application. (or wait for reinstall in the next maintenance window)

This will reduce IT workload and I guess it shouldn't require much changes in your code.

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Axel Thirud shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Christian Sedlmair commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I often have seen that only for the purpose of troubleshooting colleges prefer a package than an application. A program can be enforced. At the same time a program is made available to provide the uninstall so users can do a repair by themselves. It is not the most sophisticated approach but often simple and helpful. Giving people the power to help themselves would mean a reduction of help desk calls and more user satisfaction. The uninstall command and the install command exist normally in an application. So it would mean nearby no effort to provide a reinstall button for enforced applications. Giving admins control which applications should show this button would be appreciated.

  • Dustin Hedges commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This idea has a flaw in it in that we don't really want people to initiate an Uninstall of the software. Instead, it would be better to allow a direct "Reinstall" action which could either be as simple as an Uninstall followed by an immediate re-evaluation of the software to complete the re-install, or possibly a 3rd "Reinstall" command configuration within the application.

    This of course would require that both the Install and Uninstall command parameters be filled out (or a custom Reinstall command).

    Since this would be user initiated, Maintenance Windows should be automatically overwritten as it could be assumed that Required software is, well, Required. Think of AV software, etc. This is required software and we really don't want to wait for a maintenance window to get that software back.

    This could be extended as a Deployment Intent as well. Right now we have "Install" and "Uninstall". Adding a "Reinstall" would allow ConfigMgr Admins to force a reinstall to a collection of systems based upon Compliance Settings Baseline/CI Non-Compliance. This then becomes a very powerful tool combination to automatically detect software issues and issue a reinstall to repair them all without End User or Support Staff intervention.

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