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ContentLibraryCleanup Distribution Point Maintenance Mode

I love the ContentLibraryCleanup tool, but in the small environment I'm working with about 10 remote DPs, the tool takes a really long time to run. On 2 of our DPs, it took 2 days each to run. Because it took so long, they both failed because at the end the tool reported that a particular package wasn't fully replicated yet.

We'd like a way to do the following:

1. Put a DP in Maintenance Mode. This would let Content currently being deployed to the DP to complete (basically coming to a soft stop), but would stop new content from starting to deploy (to be queued when the maintenance mode is stopped).

2. Have a partial copy of the Content tables in the SCCM Site Database replicated to the DP. This would keep the ContentLibraryCleanup tool from having to query the Site Database over the wire. Instead, it would query against a local file.

3. Perform the ContentLibraryCleanup using the cached data file from step 2.

4. Maintenance Mode ends.

If all of the above could be scripted somehow, companies could schedule using a Collection of DPs or an orchestration tool complete with email notification, ticket updates, etc.

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  • B. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I concur, this requested functionality would be helpful. After several failed attempts, the tool ran to completion on a few of our remote DPs, also taking 48 hours. In one instance, it freed up 160 GB on a 500 GB drive, begging a different question of why so much content was orphaned.

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