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Application deployment reporting - Report to retain data after re-evaluation of collection(s)

application model doesn’t retain the data points as the systems falls out by using a limiting collection or “Not in” logic or have to clear the logic for a failed deployment.

Once the systems fall out of the collection we lose the ability to pull reports on them.

This same method works with the package deployment reports, using a limiting or “not in” logic the data points remains even after the system fall out of the collection.

is there a table that can be create leverage to capture historical data to make a custom report for application deployment for collections that the memberships change on?
Or can a report be created for historical data for application after evaluations

Okay here a scenario that I need reporting on:
• Make a App model deployment to a machine based collection
• The application conflicts with the installed app
• Instead of killing the deployment I change the limiting collection to a one that has no resources
o This is in an attempt to keep the data to have a report on the systems that failed

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