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Client Setting For Cloud Distribution Point and Cloud Management Gateway

Add a Client Setting for specification of Cloud Distribution Point and Cloud Management Gateway. This setting would allow to to select any combination of CDPs or CMGs in your environment to assign to clients.

By adding this feature you allow for efficient client communication to a customer's CM environment while off network. US clients can communicate with US Azure Regions, Europe clients with Europe Azure Regions, Asia with Asia, etc.

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  • Paul Deasy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    *This* times a million :) Companies have changed the way people work, yet the management systems struggle to keep up, with this new working way. We have to face fact that employees are expected to in remote locations, often at short notice. In the ideal world we'd have everyone using enforced VPN's which remote his requirement - but that's not the reality of how people work.
    We are in a world where ConfigManager admins are expected to enforce standardization & compliance - especially with rolling out patches and security fixes continually, but if you have a workforce that roams globally, it's a massive challenge to tackle this.
    Using Azure with CMGs and CDPs are the way to get this done, but the process for setup needs to made be easier.

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