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Make automatic client upgrade more intelligent to not break other running installations

Right now, the automatic Client upgrade scheduled Task is not aware of any running installations. So if appenforce.log shows a running Installation and at the same time the randomly timed scheduled tasks kicks in, the Installation cannot finish without error and will randomly leave the Installation or the SCCM Client itself in a unhealthy state. A reinstallation is the only way out.

Repro steps
- Activate automatic Client Upgrade in Hierarchy settings
- Exclude some test clients from automatic client upgrade
- Create an Application with a deploymenttype using a custom script
- As the script, use a batch file pinging localhost with parameter -t so that the dummy installation will newer end. That gives you time for the test.
- Deploy the app to the excluded test clients
- Let the installation run
- Set the clients to not be excluded from automatic client upgrade, so that the scheduled task for the upgrade will be created locally
- run the scheduled task manually to simulate the client upgrade
- you will see some errors in appenforce.log telling you that the installation could not be finished without error

Expected behaviour:
- The automatic client upgrade function should not run if an installation is allready running
- instead of scheduling a scheduled task you should schedule a package install, so that the sccm client can only start the package/upgrade if no other installation is running

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