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Implement reporting (tracking) for package on demand distribution

For the Feature described here> Scenario 7 ability to distribute packages on demand - there is no way of traking or reporting if this was Happening to the package. I would like to have a report reflecting what packages have been initiated by this Distribution method. This might be be a package flag. Today the only way of seeing this is looking at the MP LM with advanced logging turned on finding

<ProvisionDPRequest SchemaVersion="1.00"><Packages PackageID="CAS00010"><DP NALPath="[&quot;Display=\\wcp2.test.msft\&quot;]MSWNET:[&quot;SMS_SITE=CP2&quot;]\\wcp2.test.msft\" SiteCode="CP2"/></Packages></ProvisionDPRequest>

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Marco Cibis (MS) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    try the following check the last column it will have the status for enabled packages

    SELECT pkg.*,

    (PkgFlags&0x01000000)/0x01000000 AS PKG_DO_NOT_DOWNLOAD,
    (PkgFlags&0x02000000)/0x02000000 AS PKG_PERSIST_IN_CACHE,
    (PkgFlags&0x04000000)/0x04000000 AS PKG_USE_BINARY_DELTA_REP,
    (PkgFlags&0x10000000)/0x10000000 AS PKG_NO_PACKAGE,
    (PkgFlags&0x20000000)/0x20000000 AS PKG_USE_SPECIAL_MIF,
    (PkgFlags&0x40000000)/0x40000000 AS PKG_DISTRIBUTE_ON_DEMAND
    FROM dbo.v_Package pkg

    where ((PkgFlags&0x40000000)/0x40000000) = 1

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