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Available application which is not applicable must not show up in Software Center

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Obviously, we can create applications with multiple deployment types in SCCM, each with its own set of requirements. Now say I create a simple MSI-based application with one deployment type, which has a requirement that Primary device must be true. If I make this available to a user collection, then it shows up for each of those users on their primary devices as available in Software Center. All great so far.

However, if one of those users logs in to a non-primary device, the application still shows up as available, and only upon attempting to install it, the user is presented with a failure (says "This software is not applicable to your device". Doesn't say why, either).

IMHO, an *available application should not show up in Software Center if none of its deployment types are applicable to the device/user* - it's misleading, and absent very specific error messages, can confuse users.


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  • Alexandre Patenaude commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Consider the following scenario for deployments on users' computer devices:
    1. A user application deployment has been created as Required;
    2. The application is deployed on a user's computer device;
    3. Later, it is decided the deployment should not be Required anymore, and be Available;
    4. In the ConfigMgr admin console, an deployment manager deletes the Required deployment from the user collection, and creates a new Available deployment on that same collection.

    Once the Available deployment has been created, Software Center will not automatically launch an application deployment evaluation for the now-available app deployment.

    Instead, the application will appear as Available in the Software Center, even though it **is** installed, having been installed by the previous Required deployment.

    I feel the Software Center should evaluate app deployments even for Available applications, and:
    - if it has been found, show it as being installed in the Software Center;
    - if it has now been found, display it as available for installation.

  • Anthony Janson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do not like the idea that it is hidden (although an option for it is preferred), but the error message should more clearly state what the problem is. Right now, it's unknown what the error is for anyone but the one who created it.

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