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Windows 10 Inplace Upgrade, support MUI Images

We use in Switzerland a EN-US MUI Windows 7 (DE/FR/IT) an we plan inplace upgrade to Windows 10 1607. After Upgrade Windows 10 is only in english upgraded. (We can only use a en-us win10, another language image crashed the TS) Please add a step for set one or more LP in the upgrade process (Native, please no Scripting, MDT etc.)
The same Procedure we require for the Win10 Upgrades via WSUS (1511->1607->1703...) After upgrade we must add manually via Tasksequence the other language packs. Why?

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  • Stefan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Any updates on this ?
    We experienced the same while upgrading from 1607 to 1709.
    1607 en-US as default language, with MUI FR, DE, NL installed.
    After deploying the in-place upgrade as software update, only the en-US language is left.
    For end-users this is quite ennoying and causes quite some calls to our servicedesk.

    There is a work-around, using a task sequence to install the feature update and install the language packs afterwards.
    The only downside, which i think is mayor, is that the end user is looking at the Task Sequence window for 45 minutes / 1 hour untill the feature update is installed in Windows. Afterwards it reboots and needs another 20 to 30 minutes for the upgrade to complete.

    When deploying it as a software update, the installation progress is running in the background. Users will be notified after installing that a reboot is required. Untill then they are still able to work on their pc.

    It would be great if we can have more control on how to upgrade the languages when using the Software Update / Servicing ring updates.
    In my opinion the most beautiful option is to detect the installed languages while upgrading and upgrade those languages to the latest version automatically.

  • Steve S. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have the same problem with inplace upgrades for Win10 (1511 -> 1607 -> 1703, etc.) We haven't figured out how we are going to address this yet, I feel this should be included in an inplace upgrade automatically. Thanks

  • fugazy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is actually the most problematic issue we have during the differents scenarios we could encounter with inplace upgrade & MUI.

    we have a TS to upgrade Windows 8.1 To Win 10 CB and another to upgrade Win 8.1 To LTSB.
    Our 8.1 is be default in EN-US and we apply 3 languages (MUI).
    During the inplace upgrade process, I should manage some steps inside the task sequence in a way to switch the 8.1 OS language in EN-US if I want my TS to work well.

    I must have multiple reboot (registry change & Powershell script) to be sure that this os Language switch is ok.
    During this phase & reboot, the winlogon is accessible and even if I have customized the background wallpaper (with a big warning for users which say, STOP your computer is under upgrade) ... this is not a really nice process.

    And I have the same problem with an inplace upgrade for two Windows 10 versions.

    This could be really nice if this switch could be managed directly by a "by design" step in Task Sequence.

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