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Override collection membership evaluation settings/remove collection membership evaluation settings from global data

Collections are part of global data. As such, all settings on collections are replicated from any Primary to the Central Administration Site and then down to the other Primaries again.
This includes the membership queries, the way collection membership is evaluated (incremental, full) and when this evaluation is scheduled.

My customer's IT is arranged into different Business Division, each with a high autonomy on how to manage local workstations.
For reasons too long to explain, some of the business divisions need a high number of collections with incremental membership evaluation. They accept that their incremental evaluation cycle lasts +25 minutes instead of the default 5 minutes.

However, as incremental evaluation is part of global data, this means that those same collections are also incrementally evaluated for membership in the other Primaries. Those collections are of no use to the other business divisions.

In this setup, each business division's incremental membership evaluations are negatively impacting the Site Server performance at other business divisions for no reason at all.

They would like to be able to define membership evaluation settings on collections on a per site basis.
Another option would be the ability to choose - on a collection per collection basis - if the collection needs to be part of global data or not.

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  • Max commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, totally agree. I really dislike how collections update in CMCB. Would be nice to exclude collections from ANY updates including the cascading collection update process.

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