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Variable for the package cache path

It would be great to have a variable you can use in the Installation/Uninstallation Program, for use with installations that need a full path for an answer file. Like an InstallShield iss file.
I have a great deal of other installers that have their own answer files and most need a full path for the file.
So instead of having a full path for a network share it would be great to be able to use a variable that have the path for the local cache for the application. E.g. C:\Windows\ccmcache\2n
I have tried %CD%, which works in the command prompt, but I doesn’t work with SCCM, apparently.

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  • Alphaeus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    This is an automatic task sequence variable that gets created each time you run a package. Works excellent. Not sure about applications. I would use Powershell App Deployment Toolkit for applications as the working directory is a non issue when using that.

  • Carsten commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am now working on a deployment for a Wise Installer with an answer file, .ini.
    This installer is old and not very smart.
    It needs the full path for the .ini file, so it is would be nice to just put in a variable for the cache folder.
    It the case of this deployment the install command is "setup.exe" -u="Very\long\path\to\source\folder\setup.ini"
    It could be "setup.exe" -u="%cachepath%\setup.ini" resulting in "Setup.exe -u="C:\Windows\ccmcache\2n\setup.ini"
    With deployment points spread out over the world, having one deployment that point to the source folder is just not a good thing. Though it is just a small text file.

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