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C:\_SMSTaskSequence folder is left behind with permissions of everyone Full control over this folder only 50% of the times

When you run a task sequence on a machine, a "C:\_SMSTaskSequence" folder is created and ideally removed after the successfuly execution of the TS.
This is correctly locked down to Builtin\Administrators - Full Control NT Service\TrustedInstaller - Full control

But we have seen instances where about 50% of the time, even when the TS completes successfully, this folder is left behind and not cleaned up, with the error as below:
Execution engine result code: Success (0) Cleaning Up.
Removing Authenticator
Cleaning up task sequence folder
Unable to delete file C:\_SMSTaskSequence\TSEnv.dat (0x80070005). Continuing.
Failed to delete directory 'C:\_SMSTaskSequence'
SetNamedSecurityInfo() failed.
SetObjectOwner() failed. 0x80070005.
RemoveFile() failed for C:\_SMSTaskSequence\TSEnv.dat. 0x80070005.
RemoveDirectoryW failed (0x80070091) for C:\_SMSTaskSequence Deleting volume ID file C:\_SMSTSVolumeID...
Successfully unregistered Task Sequencing Environment COM Interface.
Executing command line: "C:\WINDOWS\CCM\TsProgressUI.exe" /Unregister

If we see this situation 50% of the times, this folder is left behind and with Full Control for Everyone causing a Security Concern.
Note: We have Sophos Endpoint Client Installed and have the exclusions in place and this doesn't occur if Sophos is not on the machine as per testing

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You have left! (?) (thinking…)
Pramod Kashyap shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

There’s changes in the SCCM 1610 release – see

While not listed in the documentation there we made changes to how we remove the _SMSTaskSequence folder on completion.

I’m marking this as completed as it’s now available. If there’s something I’ve missed please reuse the vote and I’ll address.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Bob, we are running on SCCM 1806 and we still see this issue existing on our clients. do you have any further ideas we can look at?

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